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& Field Level Enhancements

Continuing the Momentum.

Coach Snyder’s Goal #12 of “No Self Limitations” and #1 “Commitment” remain our focus as we continue to push forward with the Bill Snyder Family Stadium Upgrades and provide a World-Class Experience for all 450 Wildcat student-athletes.

The Field Wall project addressed the aesthetics around Wagner Field with a signature look and improve the sound quality in Bill Snyder Family Stadium, both of which have been focal points with our fans in recent years. A contiguous limestone wall around the field, replacement of the asphalt track and additional speaker arrays to enhance our sound system are all long-anticipated improvements to Bill Snyder Family Stadium. We feel that these updates simultaneously improved the aesthetics and safety of Wagner Field and enhance the best fan experience in the Big 12, while ultimately raising the level of how we represent Kansas State University in front of nationally-televised audiences, visiting fans and prospective student-athletes.

With this project, we would also like to offer you a special opportunity to etch your name into the history that is Bill Snyder Family Stadium. We are proud to announce the Capstone Field Wall Campaign. The construction of the limestone field wall will include 300 engravable capstones giving you the opportunity to cement your family name around historical Wagner Field inside Bill Snyder Family Stadium.

The Capstone Campaign is a special opportunity with a limited number of spots available. Click the 'Commit to a Capstone' button to give to this project and etch your name inside Bill Snyder Family Stadium Field Wall.

Quick Facts

Groundbreaking: Spring 2017
Completion: Summer 2017
Estimated Project Cost: $3,000,000

Personalized Capstones

Number Available: 300
Gift: $10,000 (Payment Options)
Dimensions: 3′ × 5¼″
Deadline to Order: March 1, 2017
Commit to a Capstone

Field Wall Questions and Answers

What will a Capstone Campaign gift fund?

The gift will not only get your name around historic Wagner Field, but your gift will also support the construction of the field wall, field perimeter upgrades and the sound system improvements. This campaign will help fund some finishing touches on the $185 million of stadium upgrades since 2011. The wall will tie the limestone history of our campus buildings as well as raise the level Bill Snyder Family Stadium represents Kansas State University in-front of national television audiences, visiting fans, and prospective student-athletes.

What if I want to contribute to the field wall campaign, but at a different level than a capstone gift?

If you are interested in giving to the field wall campaign at a level other than a capstone gift, please contact the Ahearn Fund office at (785) 532-5282 or at

Where will my family’s name appear on the capstone?

The names will be placed on the field side of the capstone.

Can I choose the location of my capstone?

Unfortunately, no. Due to construction timeline restrictions, we are unable to take capstone location requests.

Does a Capstone Campaign gift earn priority points for the Ahearn Fund?

Yes at the rate of three points for every $100 donated.

Will the improvements affect K-State traditions such as Harley Day?

Harley Day is a K-State tradition and we do not expect the field wall to affect future Harley Days.

Is my gift tax deductible?

For the deductibility of Athletic gifts, refer to the Internal Revenue Service Code Section 170(l). If you receive any benefits such as gifts, parking privileges, special invitations, the right to purchase seating in a skybox or other preferential seating, the purchase of post season tickets at a priority or the likeness thereof, your contribution is 80% tax deductible. If no goods or services are provided in exchange for your contributions, your contribution is 100% deductible. The deductible portion of this contribution should be determined by reference to the appropriate section(s) of the internal revenue code. You may wish to consult your tax advisor concerning this matter.

Will the improvements change the current seating configuration of Bill Snyder Family Stadium?

No. The field wall will be roughly the same height as the current wall and will not have any effect on those sitting in the first row.