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The Phased Master Plan

A Historic Step Forward for K-State Athletics.

The Bill Snyder Family Stadium Master Plan represents a historic step towards the future of Kansas State University and K-State Athletics, Inc. The Stadium and its associated activities are an integral part of the campus athletic experience as well as a major recruiting tool for all K-State sports and the University in general. This facility should also express the success, pride and tradition of K-State Football. It must contribute to the attitude where every student-athlete aspires to play a major role in continuing the tradition of K-State Athletics.

The vision set forth in the Master Plan is intended to serve as a planning tool to guide the future development of the west side of the Athletic Campus. The plan is a composite of many individual plans but each requiring separate design efforts. Implementation of this phased plan will require an active and continuing process that relies on robust strategies to respond to unforeseen circumstances. The plan has the potential to change or evolve, but will retain its ultimate goal of providing the best opportunity for Kansas State Athletics to flourish and succeed in supporting President Schulz’s K-State 2025 Visionary Plan.

The magnitude of the Master Plan and variability of funding indicates that work will be phased over the course of the next 15 years. Phase I work was completed in 2011 while Phase II was completed in 2013. The original Master Plan was published in the fall of 2010, with an updated vision released winter of 2014. Plans are currently under development for Phases III and IV.

Top Master Plan Priorities

  • Set the vision of a new northwest “Gateway to Campus” that integrates Bill Snyder Family Stadium with the overall look and feel of K-State’s beautiful grounds while creating a highly recognizable institutional landmark for visitors, fans and students.
  • Enhance the game day experience for all fans and strengthen the ties of KSU alumni and friends with the heritage of the institution.
  • Address facility needs critical to the success and experience of all K-State student-athletes.
  • Create new opportunities to generate revenue to ensure the future sustainability and national leadership position of K-State’s intercollegiate athletics program.
  • Develop a phased approach consistent with K-State Athletics’ commitment to fiscal integrity.


Originally Published Fall, 2010. Updated Winter, 2014


Fan Amenities & Student-Athlete Safety
  • Existing Concession Area Updates
  • New Restrooms on the East Side Upper Concourse
  • New state-of-the-art infill turf and endzone extensions for Dave Wagner Field


West Side Stadium Expansion
  • ADA Seating Upgrades
  • Ahearn Fund Student Athlete Performance Table
  • Borck Family K-State Athletics Hall of Fame
  • Enhanced Field Lighting
  • General Fan Convenience, Safety and Security
  • Media / Broadcast Level & Office Space
  • New Concessions and Restrooms
  • New K-State Team Store
  • South Stadium Fan Amenities
  • Ticketing Office
  • University Entrance and Event Spaces
  • Upscale Revenue Seating


Vanier Complex & North Stadium
  • Academic Learning Center
  • Coaches Office Complex
  • Grass Roots Fan Amenities
  • Locker Rooms
  • Multi-purpose and Recruiting Lounge
  • North End Seating Bowl
  • Strength and Conditioning
  • Team Theater and Meeting Rooms
  • Training and Recovery
  • Varsity Club Room

  • Visiting Team Locker Room
  • Officials Locker Room
  • Videoboard
  • 360-degree Concourse


Video Upgrades & Field Wall
  • Field Perimeter Surface Upgrades
  • High Definition Sound System
  • Limestone Field Level Wall
  • Video & Ribbon Boards


East Stadium Upgrades
  • Aesthetic Improvements
  • Center Bar
  • Updated Drink Rails
  • Additional TVs
  • New Food and Drink Service Equipment


South Stadium Upgrades
  • Potential Seating Additions & Upgrades
  • Southwest Corner Mixed-Use Development

Phases In Detail

Phase I: Fan Amenities and Student-Athlete Safety

New Restrooms on the East Side Upper Concourse
New men’s, women’s and “family” restrooms on the Upper Concourse of the East Side of the football stadium have dramatically improved the experience of the fans in Bill Snyder Family Stadium’s 6,000 seat upper deck. No restrooms previously existed on this level, requiring fans to instead navigate four flights of stairs to access the ground level restrooms. The additional Upper Concourse restrooms also reduced the demand on the existing ground level restrooms thus improving the experience of all East Side fans.

Concession Area Updates
In partnership with athletics concessionaire Sodexo, refurbishments and graphic updates were completed primarily in the East and South stadium areas.

New Turf for Dave Wagner Field
K-State’s field turf had reached the end of its service life and was replaced prior to the 2011 season. To enhance player safety and the appearance of the field, the new turf extends all the way from the end zone to the base of the spectator wall.

Phase II: West Side Stadium Expansion

A New Northwest Gateway to Campus
For the thousands who arrive daily at K-State from the north and west, as well as those traveling to the NBAF site via Manhattan Regional Airport and Kimball Avenue, the previous exterior west approach of Bill Snyder Family Stadium simply was not representational of the beauty and tradition of the historic Kansas State University Campus. With large scale traditional limestone and architecture reminiscent of the heart of campus, the new west side structure makes a strong first impression to all who see it as to the commitment of Kansas State University to a world class environment for both academics and athletics.

ADA Seating Upgrades
New ADA seating sections on the west side of the stadium were added, improving the ease of access and overall viewing experience.

Ahearn Fund Student-Athlete Performance Table
The addition of a long desired Student-Athlete Dining Hall on the stadium grounds has dramatically improved the experience of Wildcat student-athletes in all sports. The design and operation of the facility gives all 450 K-State student-athletes the option of utilizing the training table. The location in proximity to team locker rooms and practice and study areas results in a more efficient use of student-athlete time, most significantly during the competition season.

Additional benefits include a growth in the unity of K-State student-athletes across team lines and the ability to manage the specialized and diverse nutritional needs of K-State’s world-class student-athletes population.

A comprehensive kitchen commissary services the football stadium, Bramlage Coliseum and the training table, providing all fans better game day options and quality.

Enhanced Field Lighting
Modern efficient and stylish field lighting mounted on top of the structure enabled the removal of the unsightly east and west light towers while dramatically improving the viewing experience for both in-stadium and television viewers.

General Fan Amenities, Security and Safety
Brand new concession stands increase the efficiency and food product options for fans while increasing revenue.

Multiple new restroom facilities are located throughout the facility, providing more than double the capacity of services on the stadium’s west side.

Another important feature of the new facility is a unified command post featuring updated weather and surveillance electronics to ensure fan safety and security during the game.

Hall of Honor
A completely redesigned Main West side Ground Level Concourse provides a canvas for the dynamic Borck Family K-State Athletics Hall of Fame. Environmental graphics and memorabilia displayed across the Main Concourse, tell the story of K-State Athletics’ tradition and successes. In addition, images and graphics on pillars lining the concourse highlight the history of all Wildcat varsity sports, while a true “ring of honor” recognizes these K-State football greats.

K-State Team Store
A new retail store is integrated into the main entrance of the addition. The K-State Super Store is centrally located, highly visible and designed in a fashion to allow for non-game day retail sales.

Media / Broadcast / Operations Level
The design of this level includes state-of-the-art network television broadcast and camera capacities with additional booths for additional TV, internet, radio, instant replay, coaches, home and visiting Athletics Director and special guests. The writing press area and support work space was also improved.

Ticket Office
The customer service capacity of K-State Athletics is enhanced with the addition of a ticket office at parking lot level located adjacent to the Main West Side Stadium entrance.

South Stadium Fan Amenities
Expansion and enhancements of the concourse have improved the grass-roots fan experience in the south stadium as well.

University Entertainment and Event Spaces
Kansas State University is a comprehensive, national land grant university with world renowned programs. Football game Saturdays represent the largest regular gatherings of the extended university community. The new University Lounge is utilized jointly for the University, KSU Foundation and KSU Alumni Association. It is designed to host prospective donors, institutional friends and business leaders to accommodate the growing demands of our University. On non-game days the area provides a dynamic space for multiple events and gatherings.

Upscale Revenue Seating
Additional luxury and amenity spaces have created viable new long term revenue streams to service existing and future growth of the athletic department. These areas include 40 private suites, 140 loge seats and a little more than 700 club seats.

Phase III: Vanier Football Complex and North Stadium

Update of Vanier Complex / Existing Football Training Facility
Housing day-to-day operations of the football program, the Vanier Complex must always be an efficient and impressive facility which is reflective of K-State’s position in the intercollegiate athletics world. These areas will include a new locker room, theatre style team room and other meeting rooms, coaches’ offices and recruiting areas.

Academic Learning Center
Providing support services for the scholastic pursuits of all of our student-athletes in all 16 sports is core to our mission of a World-class Student-Athlete Experience. This new facility will include sufficient class room and tutoring spaces as well as the technology advancements required to provide the very best in academic support.

Strength and Conditioning / Training & Recovery Areas
The speed, agility and strength of all K-State student-athletes will benefit from a convenient and state of the art multi-level 15-20,000 square foot facility, while the space and equipment included in the new training and recovery areas will allow our professionals to provide enhanced services in both healing and injury prevention.

North End Seating Bowl & Grass Roots Fan Amenities
Connecting the east and west concourses will create a true 360 degree stadium bowl along with improved fan entrance and access to restroom and concessions services. These adjustments will not include premium seating, but instead provide improved sightlines and seating experiences for grass roots fans. Maintaining the traditional team-fan connection entrance will also be highlighted and enhanced.

A Front-porch for K-State Football
We will continue the architectural standard established by the West Stadium Center while at the same time giving a distinctive front-porch entrance to the K-State Football program.

Phase III B: North East Corner

When completed, the $15 million Phase IIIB will complete the northeast corner of the stadium as envisioned in the 2010 Master Plan and for the first time ever provide K-State fans with a complete stadium bowl as well as other spectator and operational enhancements.

This project will connect the east side of the stadium to the new north side to create a 360-degree concourse and fully enclose Bill Snyder Family Stadium. The department will also take another step toward its goal of providing The Best Fan Experience in the Big 12 with a new videoboard on the northeast corner that will mirror the new system recently erected on the northwest corner of the stadium.

It will also include permanent new visiting team locker, training and officials areas, which will move from their current temporary location inside the Vanier Family Football Complex, and open up the mezzanine above the Strength and Performance area providing more usable space for K-State student-athletes. In addition, the Section 1 seating area will also be re-constructed to connect to the new north end zone concourse and Wabash Landing area, adding additional seating to the section.

Phase IV: Video Upgrades and Field Level Wall

Video and Ribbon Board Additions
We must plan for the accommodation of evolving technology and continuously increasing fan expectations as well as existing equipment reaching the end of its lifespan. A comprehensive video and sound master plan for Bill Snyder Family Stadium (and all K-State Athletics facilities) is under development that will result in dramatic improvements in the next few years. This planning will accommodate the improvements identified in Phase III for the north end and will positively impact the experience of all K-State fans.

High Definition Sound System
In conjunction with new video technology, a high definition sound system will have a major impact on the fan experience and add to our renowned home-stadium advantage.

Limestone Field Wall and Field Perimeter Surface Upgrades
The existing concrete field level seating wall and surface pavement has deteriorated. The installation of a hewn limestone wall at the lower bowl of the football stadium will surround the field with the heritage of the K-State campus to the stadium and tie into the fa├žade of the new north end zone Vanier Complex.

Phase V: East Stadium Club Level Upgrades

Aesthetic Improvements
An update to the club level of the East Stadium, including more TVs, wood and stone accents, a central bar, improved drink rails and new food service equipment, among other upgrades.

Phase VI: South Stadium Upgrades

Potential Seating Additions
Dependent on several factors, such as the growth in population projected with the NBAF project, it may prove prudent to increase the total capacity of the stadium to accommodate demands. Opportunities for expansion will include south end, as well as reconfiguring the corner seating areas for growth and improved sightlines.

Potential TBD Space (Condos, Office, Retail, etc.)
Space exists for the potential development of a large facility in the southwest corner of the stadium and the west of Bramlage Coliseum. Multiple options will be studied and considered to determine what will best serve Kansas State University and the greater community. A large addition will add to the grandeur of the overall stadium and provide an exciting location for many potential services considering the fast growing northwest Manhattan area as well as Mercy Hospital just across the street, and the new NBAF project is two blocks to the east.

All Phases

The vision set forth in the Master Plan is intended to serve as a planning tool to guide the future development of the west side of the Athletic Campus. The plan is a composite of many individual plans but each requiring separate design efforts. Implementation of this phased plan will require an active and continuing process that relies on robust strategies to respond to unforeseen circumstances. The plan has the potential to change or evolve, but will retain its ultimate goal of providing the best opportunity for Kansas State Athletics to flourish and succeed in supporting the K-State 2025 Visionary Plan.